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Google chrome extensions review

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Here are 5 of the good extensions that I’ve found, using Google chrome:

1. ABV Mail Notifier (Уведомител за АБВ)

ABC Notifier for Chrome is a browser extension for Google Chrome, that checks for unread messages and displays their number on an icon in your browser.
That way you are aware of what is happening in your ABC Mail.
The extension is for – The biggest mail in Bulgaria.
You have to enter your username and password. You can do this by right clicking at the icon and selecting Options:

You can set the check interval and you can also exclude some of the folders:

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2. Session Manager

An easy way to save a set of opened tabs. The tab set will be saved with a name alias, and you will be able to open the same set of tabs with a single click.
When you click on the icon a drop-down menu shows and you can save your current tab set:

When you click the icon later you can see a list of your saved tab sets. You can open a set, delete a set, rename a set or save a new set:

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3. Edit This Cookie

With this plugin you can keep track of your cookies and also edit or delete them:

You can also add new cookies and block cookies. It also has a good Options menu where you can keep track of your blocked cookies:

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4. Youtube Search

When you click on the icon you see a youtube search box:

When you start typing you get the suggestions from youtube:

When you hit enter the results appear in new tab.
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5. IETab

With this plugin you can fake the headers sent to the web pages. The pages will think that your browser is internet explorer.
When you click on the icon, the page is opened in IETab. This way you can open some pages that require internet explorer only.
An example is the Microsoft Project Server:

However the javascript engine behind is still the chrome one. It also has an options page. You can set some pages to be opened with IETab by default:

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  2. Downloaded 2 and 3

    Andrea Jones

    25 March 2011 at 19:42

  3. […] suggestions from youtube: […]

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